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Developed by educational researchers, Ready4K is an evidence-based text messaging program for parents of 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds provided at no cost. Each week, you will receive fun facts and easy tips to boost your child’s learning. Ready4K activities build on the things that you already do with your child -- like getting ready for school, eating meals together, and going to the store -- to make boosting your child’s learning fast, fun and easy. The research behind Ready4K shows that receiving fun facts and easy tips can significantly increase children’s learning.

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“Ready4K has allowed me to build a closer relationship with my son. Because of Ready4K, my son has told me that he loves learning new things.”

Ready4K for organizations

Organizations can easily enroll all of their parents in Ready4K at one time. Sign up to improve the outcomes of all of your families.

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“Before the texts, I wasn't really getting to know what my son’s strengths were and what he needed to improve in. I love Ready4K.”


Ready4K builds on a series of randomized controlled trial studies conducted by Stanford University researchers.

Parents love

Parents love texts

Parents who received fun facts and easy tips said that they were very helpful and that they would strongly recommend them to other parents.

Parents involved

Increased involvement

These parents engaged in more home learning activities with their children than parents who did not receive study texts. They were also more involved at school.

Kids do better

Kids do better

Children of parents who received fun facts and easy tips gained an additional 2-3 months of learning in important areas of child development.

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